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Custom-Made Functional Orthotics

It is important to think about your feet! Orthotics can help to reduce pain by helping to achieve a balanced foundation with even weight distribution and a stabilized pelvis. Choosing custom-made orthotics can help adjustments "hold" better by providing a proper foundation from the ground up. 

Your feet are unique and our orthotics are individually designed for you based on 3D scans of each foot. These scans allow for the most accurate, comfortable, and functional orthotics to be made specifically for your needs. Here at Interurban Chiropractic we partner with Foot Levelers to provide our patients with high quality foot orthotics.

Why Choose Custom-Made Orthotics?

Over-the-counter orthotics are generic and not designed with your specific foot needs in mind. Wearing generic orthotics may cause more harm than good if they support the wrong area. Improper support could aggravate existing problem areas of your body or possibly create new ones. Generic orthotics material is often questionable and wears out quicker than high quality, durable custom-made orthotics. 
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