Your Chiropractic Visits

What to Expect Your First Few Visits

Initial Visit

Consultation, Exam, and X-rays: In this visit you can expect an initial consultation with Dr. Kendra to talk about your health history, a first initial exam using the Nervoscope, a tool to determine areas of inflammation, and a set of digital x-rays to be taken. This will help Dr. Kendra determine what the best plan of action is for your care. If you have health insurance, please bring your insurance card with you. We are more than happy to help determine what your benefits are for you.

Second Visit

Report of Finding: In this visit, Dr. Kendra will go over the best Corrective Care Plan of action for your individual needs based on your x-rays and the results of your initial exam. She will also go over your health insurance information with you regarding your chiropractic coverage, massage coverage, etc.  Dr. Kendra will then walk the patient through the first adjustment step by step. It is normal to experience mild soreness after the first adjustment. Icing the area will bring relief and promote healing of the affected areas. 

Continuing Care

After determining the best plan of action, adjustment appointments are quick and easy! Re-Examinations are routinely performed as to make sure the adjustments are promoting progress and working towards your benefit. Have questions about your care? Please contact us!

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